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During my treatments, I use a combination of different techniques, including MET stretches, trigger point therapy and my newest qualification in Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (IASTM).

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😩 Shin pain 😩Any sort of pain around the shin and runner’s like to call it “shin splints”, so as you can imagine the definition of what shin splints actually are has become somewhat indefinite. 🤔But this is an example of a very common cause of shin pain - tightness in the group of muscles that run along the outside of the shin called the Peroneals. 🦵 These muscles are really important for our ankle stability and help to keep the foot in a neutral position whilst running. 💢If these muscles become damaged or tight you could end up running with abnormal motions of pronation or supination (when the foot rolls inwards/outwards) and increase the risk of ankle sprains. 💥Share this video with a runner with shin pain! 😩

Posted by Stevenson Massage on Monday, 15 April 2019

    Robert Earl

    Having had various issues with my body through rugby. I have had various sport therapist to deal with my injuries and tight muscles. I went to see Jack, and I am beyond impressed. My first session he was able to give a thorough assessment, on why I was having so many issues with my body and how preparation of my body with stretching and specialised exercises would help me not only play week in week out but also extend my playing career. I have had 3 sessions now and I am not looking back. Jack is a consummate professional and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you use him. His sessions are very reasonably price, and you are guaranteed to get an excellent service. I will be using jack for the foreseeable future and have no regrets in acquiring his services.
    5 STARS (Would give more if I could)

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