Our iso-pod floatation tank is the only one of its kind in the country. Its luxurious, ultra-modern design delivers the best floating experience to be found anywhere in Edinburgh or throughout Scotland.

When it comes to floating, there are many more benefits than de-stressing, although one-hour in our iso-pod is the equivalent of six-hours complete physical and mental rest.

There are many benefits of floating in Edinburgh’s newest floatation spa, Zero-G Float Therapy.

  • Me – Time
  • Stress Management
  • Muscle & Joint Pain Relief
  • Recovery From Sports Injuries

Up to 90% of our brain’s activity is derived from external stimuli. REST (restricted environmental stimulation tank) therapy when floating means that three of our five sense are restricted –  sight, hearing, and touch. Without these senses, our brain has time to enter a ‘twilight’ state which stimulates our creativity. If you have a problem to solve, floating could provide the answer you’re looking for.


An Amazing testimony from a renowned health professional who had travelled over from America!Paul had come over to set up our new (pending) water system HYDROGEN Enriched water. basic advantages of using H2 enriched water.......Supports the immune system Mental clarity Relieves inflammation Detox Clear skin We intend setting up a water filling station to enable all local people the ability to enjoy clean water and improved health We believe it is an essential pillar along with our Herbalife nutrition and out of this world float pod !!Hydration, nutrition and rest !!!!All 3 together create synergy 😄We know we can improve people’s life’s and enrich your wellbeing

Posted by Zero-G Float therapy on Tuesday, 1 May 2018


    I used zero-G float therapy a few weeks back and I highly recommend it to anyone with body aches or people who are genuinely struggling in today’s manic world. based in portobello local to me I had the best hour of just stress-free relaxation.

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