July 30, 2019

Reputation is key.


People trust the opinions of other people, that’s were URM8 steps in, we act as a quality service provider for Edinburgh whilst saving you money in the process. For the businesses we represent, we are happy to put our reputation into their hands as we know of the standard of service they provide.

Having a good business reputation is super important as we rely on the services provided by our “trusted” businesses listing on the platform to be of the highest standards of excellence, this is why you should source your next trades company for the job at hand at www.urm8.co.uk

Spread the word, URM8 only lists quality approved businesses within Edinburgh.

Regarding our trades companies, we carry out a vetting process to find you an honest and reliable company to carry out the work, no rogue traders allowed at URM8.

We aim to provide a fair and impartial service in all dealings with both traders and consumers, all communication is to be made between the traders and consumers directly.

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