August 7, 2019



We are delighted to announce the launch of URCARD by URM8 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Everyone loves to save money daily, don’t they?

At URM8, we are making that happen without the use of purchasing E-Vouchers, pre-booking in advance or expiration dates, offers valid at URM8 are available at the flash of URCARD!

Residents of Edinburgh will be issued our card for free, simply request URCARD today by calling 0131 516 5802 or email us at

Business owners, we are saving you money on your marketing daily with our ideas, no commissions like other national companies, no holding of your funds, all transactions happen on your site, not ours! Get involved today! Contact our team to find out more, call us on 0131 516 5802.

How does it work? Simple, we’re linking business owners with consumers to create unique deals helping consumers save money throughout the process.

It’s your key to the city, its URCARD.

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